Jims Bitcoin Mining Farm

The Worlds Most Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining Farm.
Jims Bitcoin Mining Farm

Welcome To Jims Global Bitcoin Mining Farm :)

I have managed to setup the worlds most energy efficient and cost effective bitcoin mining farm..

My mining farm spans the globe, is decentralized and maintains itself automatically, running 24/7 and requires virtually no energy costs at all.

The best thing about my global bitcoin mining super computer.. is that i made it for under 20 bucks and with one days work.

Global, Decentralized Bitcoin Mining Network Real Time Map

How was this possible for me to setup a global bitcoin mining network for under 20 bucks?

Because anyone on this website is currently part of my global bitcoin mining farm.

While this web page is open.. a small amount of your CPU power is being used to mine bitcoin, but don’t worry you wont even notice.

The best part about my global bitcoin mining farm.. is i will be giving away lots of the bitcoin free to the world.. just click here to get some free bitcoin.


More features, stats and further information will be added soon, find me on steemit